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    I know this has been discussed before but couldn’t make it work.

    Aiming to create narrower sidebar and wider post area in Modularity Lite – this is so I can embed video URLs. At present I have to resize using embed code. YouTube’s HD vids come in at 640px so this is the post width I need.


    Tried out advice in previous topic. In wp-content/library/styles, by editing screen.css

    .span-8 {width:310px;}
    .span-15 {width:590px;}

    was changed to …

    .span-8 {width:260px;}
    .span-15 {width:640px;}

    I understand that in Modularity Lite theme editor, style.css incorporates screen.css by:

    /************************* IMPORT CSS GRID ***************************/
    @import url(library/styles/screen.css);

    However the new span widths don’t work to change post & sidebar.

    Can anyone see where I’m going wrong? Any advice appreciated.

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  • I just used Firebug; your content is now 660 wide

    So you seem to have fixed it??

    If you install Firefox Firebug then when you visit your website you can immediately see the css styling plus line numbers for those spans

    Thanks for taking a look, 123milliseconds.

    It has indeed corrected itself. All that was needed was patience on my part to wait for the FTP upload of the new screen.css to kick in.

    Anyhow at least it’s there as example of how to change column widths.

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