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  • I seek feedback/opinions on my photo blog. I am using Modularity Lite. Let me know what apps or widgets I could add to improve the viewer experience. I am self taught with no coding experience. The site is Thanks in advance!

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  • Are these photo’s you took yourself?

    If not, even if you provide them for free, you are most likely infringing on the original photographers copyright. I would be careful providing copyrighted material that you don’t have a licensing agreement for or hold the copyright yourself.

    Jeeze guys! I just wanted some feedback on my site and the format. I’m just having a good time out here. Matt- It’s my user name and I am KiNdAwArPeD. I checked your last post (Then you should be asking your memmbers.) Spellcheck is available. Roostertail- i’m not seeking legal counsel. I somehow doubt Google and Bing are getting permission for the billions of photos available. It’s a photo blog and of course I would immediately remove any content objected to. I’m just spreading a little joy with no strings attached. Thanks!

    I like your layout – clean and easy to navigate. Understated colors that let the photos pop.
    As far as the photos go, I highly recommend accrediting them. Even a simple link at the bottom of the post back to the original source would help. As a food blogger, I’ve had images stolen and claimed on other sites as their own and I was not too happy. I totally get your vision, but it’s important to protect the intellectual property of others, as well as protect yourself.

    Heather- Nice response! A month ago my site was feeble and my son suggested that it looked like spam or a rainbow. I moved to a new theme and muted the colors as you mentioned. I will add an acknowledgement per your suggestion to the bottom of the front page as people do deserve credit for their work. Thanks for your input!

    Your comparison to Google and Bing and your website are two different things. Google and Bing only show images that are already on another website and they link the image to that site.

    Using images on your site with no attribution to the original owner is copyright infringement. Even with a credit, using the full size image is infringing. Do a search of “Fair Use”

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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