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  • So I’ve read the famous, “All pages on one page,” post by MattReed but it doesn’t address the issues I’m looking to be solved. That being said…

    I want to modify the main page of my blog to have small modular squares on it. In each square I want to have a page. Each module that holds a different page would be a different size but would not resize automatically because I can break the page manually…until I learn how to customize the PHP more.

    Is there a theme out there with something like that in there? If not, is there anything a beginner with limited knowledge of PHP can do?!

    Thanks so much!!


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  • Okay, so I’ve read more and found out (thanks to Tom’s Zine Theme) that the articles can also be seperated into modules by applying posts to different categories…anyone know what is easier?


    If you don’t give a link to your “readings” – nobody will bother to try to understand what are you talking about.

    Also, clarify whether you are talking about Pages or posts or what?

    Hi Moshu, please kill this topic, i see now that my question deals more with categories and working with the loop…

    I need to learn PHP quick!


    We don’t “kill” topics – unless they are offensive or spam.

    Maybe if you re-formulate your question you’ll get an answer that might be helpful for future users who will search 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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