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  • When I switch permalink structure from year/month/date to category/postname, the <!–nextpage–> token has stopped working.

    Does anyone PLEASE know a way to get it going again … presumably fixing something in .htaccess???

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  • when you changed your Permalinks, did WP mention that it couldn’t write to .htaccess and offer you the code to put in it?

    No, but I see where you’re going .. let me wipe it and see if I can get wordpress to rewrite everything …

    Hmm, no, it appears to be writing to .htaccess just fine. I put in a temporary “category base” and reverted, and both times wordpress rewrote the .htaccess accordingly, but nextpage was still broken in both cases.

    Are you using %category% in the main “Common Options”? I thought that guy was only for “optional”.

    I’m sorry, I don’t quite know what you mean by “common options”? (I’m kind of a WP newbie.)

    My permalinks structure is this exactly:


    Well, look at your Permalink page. “Common Options” is there 🙂

    And I’m guessing that’s where you have that permalink structure.

    If you switch back to year/month/date everything works as expected?

    I may be being REALLY “ADD” today, but all I see on my permalinks page is a “Structure:” field and a “Category base:” field. I’m using 1.5 if that’s why …

    Anyhow, yes, it works fine if I use the /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ format. Seems like a mod_rewrite issue, but that’s serious voodoo and when I go in there without a good idea of what to fix, bad things happen.

    OH! Ok, sorry. Been awhile since I used 1.5x.

    So in general your mod_rewrite rules are working, just not when you include %category% in the permalink structure. I can sum it up, but I’m plum out of ideas. Hopefully someone brighter will wander by!

    Thanks though, HS! I appreciate it.

    Any news on the %category%/%post_name% pagination problem, blakekr?
    Can’t seem to find a solution in the forums, or maybe not looking hard enough..

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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