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    I love WP, try to help out in the forums, and was helping a gentleman with some questions re tables.

    He asked for help making a table, and if we could chat, so I gave him my email in a post of his issue.

    Is that ok?

    I did not see any forum rules against it.

    But I love WP and I do not want to get on the bad side of WP mods 🙂

    So if I am doing something inappropriate please let me know and I will remove my email address.

    Edit – I have since removed my email address.


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  • If I wanted to do that, I would use the contact information or comment form on the gentleman’s site. I almost never want to do that, though. And on the very rare occasions when I might want to do it, I would always share the outcome with the forum.

    Thanks Rod,

    I would use the contact info on the gentleman’s site as well, except his WP profile did not have any contact information at all – I checked first.

    What would you share with the forum exactly? I am not sure what you mean by “that”.



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    Hey guys! Thanks for asking @wpfan – it’s really not a good thing to discuss paid work on these forums just because it gets really spammy. So threads are closed as per –


    General idea is to keep help on the forums so that everyone benefits…


    It’s also so that people don’t try to use these forums to look for paid work. Along those lines, posting emails gets iffy. I know your intention is good and you help out here a lot – which is great and appreciated. It’s a grey area – so don’t worry about it :).

    Hi WPyogi,

    Thanks for your post.

    I was just answering another question – it was not my intention to solicit work. The person posting the issue asked me if I would be interested in work.

    I could feel somehow it was not a good thing to do to provide an email to discuss paid work but I had never done it so I just wanted to ask what mods thought about it.

    It won’t happen again.

    If I am asked about paid work then I will refer a person to the jobs forum and reply there and then others can reply as well.

    Thanks again WPyogi for your explanation!

    Please feel free to delete or move this issue since it does not pertain to the context of this forum.



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    Perfect – and I totally know you weren’t trying to do anything less than be helpful and follow the forum rules :).

    PS The issue is here:


    and I added this post to the issue:

    Hi Jeff,

    I had never been asked before about doing some paid work when I was helping out with an issue.

    On learning more about discussing paid work in a support forum, I think it is better if you consider posting a request for paid work in the jobs forum, as mentioned in a previous post.

    Also, I have had a few preliminary emails back and forth with Jeff the poster, and no work has been done, but have also asked him in our emails to post on the jobs forum. That way others can bid on paid work if they want to and Jeff can decide who to work with.

    Please remove names and email address from this post. Thank you.




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    Sorry, but that’s not possible except in extreme circumstances – which this is not –


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