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    help required please…..i have modified the stylesheet of the aquagreen theme but there is one thing i cannot figure out how to change: the colour of the username under “Recent Comments” on the sidebar. It is not modifiable through the style sheet since i guess this parameter is being generated from a php file. can you tell me which file i need to be looking at and how to modify the username colour. it is currently black and i need it to be white. many thanks

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  • link?

    to change: the colour of the username under “Recent Comments” on the sidebar… it is currently black and i need it to be white.

    It *is* white.

    My guess is you’re viewing the site through IE6? If it’s still black in IE6, then it’s probably because you’re not being specific enough to designate what needs changed. IE likes *extreme* specifications. I would recommend opening up the style.css file, and at the very bottom of the file, add this:

    #sidebar ul li strong {

    See if that helps.


    2 things:

    read my post again…this time more carefully.

    i did not say i wanted to change the colour of “recent comments” i said i wanted to change “the colour of the username under “Recent Comments”” (which by the way is clearly black)


    why do you “guess” i am using IE? wrong. guess again. im using firefox. never assume anything, it helps no-one. ive figured it out now anyway. thanks for your help?!

    Perhaps you might like to post exactly what you did to solve this, so the next person looking for help with this problem may find it…. and mark this as resolved, please and thanks?

    lukehe –

    2 things:

    1) read MY post again, this time more carefully.

    I *know* you said you wanted to change the color of th e username undre “recent comments”. And it IS white. I’m using Firefox 2.0. And it’s white. As *I* said, I’m guessing you’re using IE6 – which requires much more specification when it comes to links. I offered a solution so it would be white in IE6.

    I don’t *assume* anything. I *guess* when not enough information is provided. If you had *said* you were using Firefox, maybe I would have offered a different solution, because to me it was white.

    Apologies for trying to assist. I’ll be sure to NEVER do that again for you.

    Nice way to treat someone who’s trying to help, buddy.

    it is white because i fixed it using:

    #sidebar li strong

    thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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