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  1. Robin73
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I'm a bit confused about modifying themes with css.

    I use Chrome developer tools to identify elements I want to style.

    For example, I might identify that I want to style an element with the following id/classes:


    A couple of things:

    1)I can't find an option in chrome developer tools to copy this "selector" (if that's what it is). Is there such a feature?

    2)Which part of this should I target? the id or the class, or both/all? The actual "matched css" rules in the developer tools are given as

    #widgets ul{..}

    and what about when an element has multiple classes such as this:


    ?!! The mind boggles! I had to type all that by hand because there's I can't find a copy option, so I'm guessing that using the full list of classes like that is not a common task?

    Can anyone identify what the gap is in my understanding here and help me to fill it?



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