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  • piccs3o


    Hi, a newbie question which I can’t find answered.
    I have three sites up and running in WP3-great great upgrade!
    I want to customise the themes for these sites based on 2010.
    Can I modify each sites theme without effecting the others?

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  • piccs3o


    OK-I think I have answered my own question-I can add child theme for each site and mod these.
    Any experts out there who swing by and this is correct please could they add a
    “Yes Numpty” reply or-if I am missing something a heads-up would be very cool.


    Multiple sites, each with its own single-site install will be totally independent of each other if set up properly – either separate mySQL database, or different prefix for each site. So anything you do on one won’t change another.

    If you have WP 3 multisite, the answers is more or less the same. If the child theme is properly written, each site on the multisite will get to use the child theme and can use different settings if the child theme has an option panel. But I don’t think each site on multisite gets its own copy of the style.css file.

    I have similar question, I have multisite, and i want the header(logo) will be different for main site and different for all other user’s sites.
    but when i tried to modify header file or css file its actually apply commonly on all. how to resolve this issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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