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[Resolved] Modifying style.css foe header

  • Ok…this problem i have is modifying the stylesheet of my template to insert an image in the header.I tried different settings,but i don’t seem to make it fit or work.It’s either repeting(the logo) or doesn’t show fully
    This is my code in the style.css file:

    h1 {
    margin: 0px;
    background-image: url(“logo2.jpg”);
    height: 80px;
    width: 100%;

    I dont know php editing or css very much,so any help apreciated.my site is http://www.filecluster.com ,mybe you guys can help me somehow

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  • try this:
    h1 {
    margin: 0px;
    background-image: url("logo2.jpg");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    height: 80px;
    width: 100%;

    that will fix the repeating but might not place it properly. For more, read this:


    i tried your body,i have made this myself yestarday(even if it wasn’t in the code today i removed it) and it looks like this…www.filecluster.com no repeat and no logo…a quick reminder..my logo is 1024px80px.


    1. I replied in the OTHER thread.
    2. Your logo is NOT 1024×80 px. Your logo is 300×90 px
    3. READ!!! I posted a link that explains how to place images properly.

    well…i’ve seen you told me that i missplaced it…i substitute it with your code exactly as you have writen in my css.anyway…i do not want to be stresfull to anyone so ill read your guide you posted..maybe ill figure it out

    ok..i managed to insert the image exactly as i want..but i have another problem…my image has a gradient blue near the logo…but the whole thing is white…

    and whoami..pls don’t get upset…i didn’t posted here without making some readings on the net…i may be more stupid than i think…but..please..bare with me…im trying to learn..its the whole point 🙂 tnx for your help

    ok…i got it..was a matter of refresh…now the last question(i hope) how can i find out what’s my header’s lenght and width? i mean the theme’s? i searched in the css file,but i didn’t figured it out

    and one more thing…i want the background to stay the same with any screen resolution…

    i am a total newbie, not only to this site, but to blogging or doing any type of cyber anything. i actually don’t even know how to start a new thread or discussion, which is embarrassing, in and of itself. so, this was the only way i could find to post my question. this is the query i have, and i’m hoping someone here can help me. how do i link a song to my blog or have music playing in the background? i’ve seen blogs that have this. also, i have no idea how to make mine unique, well, because i’m a newbie. i only know how to use the templates the host of the site offers. i want to have graphics, etc… if anyone could help me with this, it would be great. thanks!

    the theme you are using does not have a set width, its fluid, It resizes. Open your site, resize the browser window and watch what happens — that’s called fluidity.

    And what exactly do you mean by “i want the background to stay the same with any screen resolution…” The color? The design, what?

    The logo looks good where it is, and all you had to was a little reading too. That little reading took you alot less time than all of the posts here that got you nothing but a dream.

    jessica..for starters…to have an ideea about the blog editing,options etc visit http://codex.wordpress.org .As for your ‘sound’,there is a plugin that you install in your blog http://www.1pixelout.net/code/audio-player-wordpress-plugin/ .Also,there are other plugins that ease up your ‘blogging’ http://www.wp-plugins.net Don’t be ashame to post on this thread,all will help you if needed.take care

    thanks, yosemite! i’m taking baby steps. :]

    vexxatu, thanks to you, too! wow, already so much help and it hasn’t even been 10 minutes since i posted the question. what support!

    anyway whoami thanks alot for your help,i guess i was over exited and missed out some tutorials…i owe u some beer or juice 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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