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    I need some help because I’m new to WordPress. I’ve just setup a site and manually installed WordPress (using FTP & configuration files) & so far so good. Question is how do I configure for the following scenario?

    I’m moving over a site from a static HTML content over to WordPress and I don’t want to change the URL structure. The URL I’m trying to end up with need to look like

    In WordPress I setup the folder names as categories and am able to get the permalink feature (/%category%/%postname%.html) to match that. However I can’t figure out what to do with the filename.

    Do I add a custom tag that I’ll set for each post? I tried creating custom tag called filename and specified /%category%/%filename%.html but that doesn’t appear to work. Maybe I’m not creating the custom tag correctly, but it’s just adding it on the post page, right?

    Any suggestions?



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  • The first should work.
    /%category%/%postname%.html – category will represent foldername and postname will represent filename folowed by the .html extention



    Thanks for replying back.

    I should of be clearer, I want to drop the %postname% and replace it with a variable value called filename. This variable (will be set for each post) will than be added to the permalink.

    So that the end result will be /%category%/%filename%.html

    Any help provided, is greatly appreciated.




    It sounds like you intend to name your posts something other than the filename.html.

    If you want the link to be something different than the name of the post, you have the option to edit the permalink at the top of each post on the post edit page.

    Above the WYSIWYG editor, look for the permalink with the edit button next to it.

    So if the name of your post is “How to house train your puppy”, your permalink will look like:

    You can edit this for each post to be whatever the original site page link was. Like:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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