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  • When I upload an image in WP, and then in insert that image in a post as a thumbnail for example with a link to the original, when a user clicks on the thumbnail link, they are taken to a page with no styling but just the original image. What page is this? How can I create a page with styling like a header and a footer and center the orignial image with a link back to the post? I am not using any image plugins at the moment. Thanks!

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  • Can someone help me with this question?


    Check the ‘Using in Your Site’ section, which discusses the attachment.php template you can add to your theme templates.

    Thank you, I will read it. Another question…I see posts that have an excerpt then “continue reading here…” that is a hyperlink to the single post page with the full verbiage. How do I know what hyperlink to create to send readers to the single post page? Do I have to manually create one or does WP do it for me? Thanks!

    WP does it for you.
    Just insert <!--more--> where you want to break the text.
    See also:

    Thanks fo rthe quick reply! Back to my original question…I read the tutorial and I created a attachment.php page. However, when I have a thumbnail image attached to a post and the I click on the image to view it, I am still seeing a blank page with the full image. Shouldn’t I be seeing the attachment.php page with the syling? How can I get WP to render the new attachment page?

    Before you “send to editor” the thumb image – did you choose the “linked to page” option?
    There are 3 options: not linked – linked to image (what you see) – linked to page (what you want).

    If I select the “linked to page option,” then the image seems to open up in my single.php page. I know this because I made a small change to it, saved it and then refreshed the page to make sure. When I select “linked to image,” isn’t that the attachment.php page? But it still shows as a blank page….

    I’m sorry, I’m getting confused here. You are right, I am now seeing the attachment.php page when I select “linked to page option.” How can I get the image to be centered on the attachment page?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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