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    Am I missing something? Or, is there not a way to modify link categories after they are entered. I would prefer not to have to go directly into tables to modify the name, etc. of a link category.

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  • I’m assuming when you click Links you see the Link Categories subpanel tab (otherwise, how do you add link categories?). Do you have link categories displayed at the top of this page, and do they have edit and delete links at the right on each line? If not, what version of WordPress are you using, and what level/role is your account set tp?

    I am using 2.0, as the administrator. I do not see an edit menu on the link categories, only for the links. I can add, but not delete or edit.

    In 2.0, as Admin, I go to “Link”, then the sub menu titled “Link Categories”.

    I see a list of my categories. For each category, I can see useful details and have “Edit” and “Delete” buttons.

    Are you using some sort of admin skin or admin theme maybe? For me, I can see this with the default view and with OL’s Tiger Style admin theme.

    I only see link info there. It won’t let me add/delete/edit the link categories. I can edit categories for posts, but that’s it. There is nothing there to click. There is only “Add a Link Category,” which only allows me to add another link, not modify an old one. I even tried entering the name of the link category to modify it and it only adding a duplicate category.

    I am not using an admin theme at all.

    BTW, I can totally alter the links.

    oops, it did not fix it.

    Ok, at a guess, you’re missing the submenu?
    At the top of the page, in a “light blue” color, you see menu items for “Dashboard”, “Write”, “Manage”, “Links”, “Presentation”, etc.

    Click on “Links”. In the darker blue stripe right below that menu is a sub-menu. By default, “Manage Links” is selected, but next to it is “Add Link”, “Link Categories” and “Import Links”

    Do you see those?

    I see all of those menus.

    Manage Links, Add Links, Link Categories, and Import Links are all there.

    Link Categories does not have any buttons to add/edit/delete though.

    If you pop over to the “Users” section, what is your user role?

    I am the administrator. Actually, I am the only user on here at all.

    Well, you’ve stumped this chump. Hopefully a smarter person will wander by soon. 😀

    Thanks for trying. It is really weird.

    Ok, I figured it out.

    I had a link that was so large, it pushed all the buttons to the right of the screen.

    Glad you got it figured out!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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