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  • kurtiskronk


    I’ve got an example of an image I’d like to use to replace the header image with. The catch is… I’d like it to stretch with monitor resolution, up to 3000px for those on a really wide display. I could go wider than that, but what would be the point, right? =)

    Now, the question is how to go about coding this, because right now the WRAPPER is only 960px wide. I’d like to make the whole header basically just one container so that it has this centered background image. I don’t want the location of the page title or the navigation etc. to move – they should stay ‘centered’ on the page so to speak, as they are now. But I’d like to get rid of the gradients etc…

    Is there an easy way to go about this, or does it require a lot of recoding of header-default.php?

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