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  • Hi there!
    I purchased a theme, and wanted a slight modification, but the theme maker does not provide any customization support. Drats!

    Here is a link to the theme:

    My goal is to make every post the same height.
    He gave me a hint that the posts were in a /div labelled: “.content-container” but I have not found any in the many php/.css files.

    First question: what would you need to know, to be able to steer a noob the right direction?

    I might also need to add a “read more” to cut off longer posts.
    I’m assuming a plug in will do the trick.

    Thanks community!

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  • As you’ve just found out, adapting a theme without support is very difficult.
    There are many free themes out there, with the full -FREE- support of the WP-community.

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