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  • Root, I took your Gemini CSS and template and modified it. I’m quite certain that the CSS is quite sloppy and the layout quite fragile in terms of browser compatibility. =) I haven’t touched CSS in ages so I edited as I went along, referencing W3 as and “re-learning” as best I could.
    Anyway, the effect that I am trying to achieve is a centered two column layout with a fixed width as well as the top and bottom touching the border. I edited your Gemini template as best I could to remove the header and footer, or at least “trick it”. As I’m not 100% of how the browser actually interprets the code for the layout part (masthead, footer, content, etc.), abeit the most important part, I just edited and prayed for the best. The rest of my alterations, I don’t believe, should have any effect on the layout for they are just editing how the text, links, lists, etc. are displayed.
    Root, help! I’ve destroyed your “half-decent template”! Thank you in advance.
    Relevant links
    My index.php
    My CSS file
    Gemini template in action
    Gemini index.php (as a text file)
    Gemini CSS file

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  • I just edited and prayed for the best.
    Well. With *brutal candour* you may not be fully paid up in the prayer department because your layout is now a CSS catastrophe :). My beautiful Gemini lies, smouldering, on your domain, a broken wreck, trashed, abused and forgotten. 🙁
    Now we need to get this fixed. I am reading your CSS but it is late / early here and it may take a bit of time. Other readers are welcome to help out. If you get impatient a fresh Gemini install and a more incremental approach would prolly restore order just as quickly. Thanks for installing Gemini. I will do my best. Least I can do.

    Well you have to see the funny side of it. Yes those are the parts that do it. The thing is though you have hacked the index to bits. Still – for the original question as presented on your blog which is the *IE drop down menu effect* Bill Gates gift to the web design community, I would suggest the following as hopefully a quick fix. In the CSS for your #wrap ADD 2px; to a width therefore of 652. px.
    With prayer and luck that (might) fix this without a mess. 🙂 Please let us know how you get on 🙂

    Add this to your CSS

    #commentform #comment{
    width: 250px;
    margin: 0;

    No. That selector is for the comment input box. When you reduce the width of rap or wrap it needs to be reduced accordingly. The only thing I can see now is that you have a .feedback in your CSS which contains clear: all;
    That is not CSS and may be causing this. It should be (if you need it at all) clear: both;

    You are right. It is a typo left over from the default WP install. Thanks for pointing it out. I am sorry but I am stumped. Just to sum up. The Gemini is pretty robust now. It is designed for ease of use to free up people from CSS positioning issues. As soon as any dimensions are changed which affect the layout then all bets are off. A single pixel is enough to cause that drop down effect. That single pixel is somewhere on the comments page. With care it is possible to alter the width of the template or make other modifications. Sadly something has gone wrong here for you which is affecting one browser, and I am stumped. Sorry. It is a shame because the style and color look really neat. Good luck.

    Well I did not mean to sound harsh at all. Sometimes tone is impossible to translate in posts. It was just a humorous ironic kind of OMG what have you done thing. As to the problem the rap needs to be the width of the content plus the menu plus the rap horizontal borders if any. Failing which it will bork due to the incorrect implementation of the box model by IE. So 652 should do it but it didnt. Not on the comments page. You added one px. Now it works. I am really glad about that and thanks for your hard work and input in reading between the lines and trying stuff. But why did it work. ? Well I dont know. But it could be connected to your 59 validation errors. Maybe?

    Sigh. Root, you crack me up. I’ll take that stab with a sense of humor. It’s the best I can do.
    So I checked the index page on the Validator at W3. Quite a lot of errors, but they seem to be the same ones over and over again. I will ask some friends to explain to me.
    I will correct them and hopefully, I will not shame you again, Root.


    Thats an xhtml thing.

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