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    OK so I have modified the default theme and created my own loosely based on Kubrick. This is my first attempt at modifying the theme. It’s going well although it needs work, but one thing that is happening now is that even though I copied the default folder where Kubrick resides and renamed it to my own template name, and also after removing all references to Kubrick on the theme code, WP still thinks my new template is the default. That is, when I go to the Presentation tab and try selecting the unedited Kubrick template, I get my new one instead! Somewhere there’s still a setting identifying my new theme as the Default theme probably because it was originally that theme to begin with, but how can I solve that problem?

    New Template Look: the_loop

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  • I noticed you marked this [Resolved], but, can you let everyone else know what you did specifically to “Resolve” it? This might help others that are having the same problem as you had.. =) 😉

    /Me guesses that you’ve changed the informations in the top of the style.css file to your own references and such right?


    My mistake was that I started editing Kubrick while still in the default folder. After finishing up, I copied it, renamed the copy to the new name (the_loop), pasted a fresh copy of the Default theme back in the Themes folder. According to Dreamweaver (which I use to sync files) the default folder was replaced with the new one, but I really combined not replaced the contents. There were still remains of the old edited template. When I selected the new default back, it would show the header image of the edited template that became the_loop. I solved the issue by deleting Default completely both locally and web server, and then pasting a fresh copy from the WP2.1 ZIP back in it’s place.

    Thanks for updating us on this.. 😉 I’m sure others that happen to have the same problem as you had, might learn from this then. 😉


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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