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  1. Daniel Lemes
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, sorry if it's on wrong place, hope not.

    I'm struggling to get this: in a multi-author blog, some of them (those with no admin privileges) shouldn't see some custom fields options. To do this, i didn't found a plugin or any other way except modify the archive wp-admin/includes/template.php.

    This place...

    foreach ( $keys as $key ) {
    echo "\n<option value='" . esc_attr($key) . "'>" . esc_html($key) . "</option>";

    ...is where i believe i could get what i need, but how to modify (remove) one or more of the keys, keeping others and generating the select with them? Something like this:

    foreach ( $keys as $key ) {
    /* here, get the keys, and if one or more of them are "views" or "seo", remove then, and keep going */
    echo "\n<option value='" . esc_attr($key) . "'>" . esc_html($key) . "</option>";

    I've tried with "if" statements, but didn't get to the point. Any idea? Thanks in advance for any help.

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