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    I would like a (signed-in) contributor to be able to post articles and comments, but not be able to see the e-mail and IP address of other contributors. How do I do that?

    When a contributor goes to “Manage” and “Comments” he/she can see (and harvest) both e-mail and IP. Also I don’t want a contributor to see “Awaiting Moderation”.

    I’m not a CSS/HTML buff, and would like step by step instructions.

    Thank you so much…


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  • is what you want, but BACK UP YOUR SITE FIRST. If you are not careful, you won’t be able to admin your own site.

    So good of you to reply. I’ll try it tomorrow after coffie. Looks good. Thanks very much.


    I’m now up and running with “Role Manager”, but the settings do not give me what I need.

    I want a “contributor” to be able to read, write and post, but not edit others – or see their e-mail and IP by going to the edit pages.

    You would think it is the tab: “Publish Posts”, but this setting does not allow the user to write a post. Only when the “Edit Posts” is activated, can the user write a post – but then he/she can, as I said, also edit and get private information.

    Any suggestions?

    I think there must me something wrong with “Role Manager”. Clearly, when you enable “Publish Posts” you would expect the user to be able to publish posts.


    Am I crazy (again?)

    Ok. I’m loosing faith. Am I the only one who is dealing with this issue?

    You need to be more patient when waiting for a reply…

    I want a “contributor” to be able to read, write and post, but not edit others

    I don’t believe that’s possible.

    Ask wp-hackers though:

    Thanks for the comeback. Wp-hackers are way out of my legue, they may as well speak Cantoneese to me.

    I’ll have to abandon WordPress then. I find it very odd that the program (which otherwise seem logical) would leave the front door so wide open for anyone to reak havoc with all existing material.

    Thanks again.

    Well it’s working now. Ho. I reloaded everything, but what did it was trashing the data file, and re-making it on my server.

    Now it works.

    Thanks for trying.



    Why don’t you make them authors? This way they can only edit their own work?



    Maybe you didn’t notice: you are replying to an 8 months old topic… The OP didn’t return since then to this forum 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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