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  • Hi,
    I managed to create an add-on. as below:
    *********** code below *********************

    * Plugin Name: Cirect Stripe Success Email
    * Description: Cirect Stripe Success Email Content
    * Author: nahuel
    * Author URI:
    * Version: 0.0.1

    add_filter( ‘direct_stripe_success_user_email_content’, function( $message, $token, $amount, $currency, $email_address, $description, $user_id, $button_id){

    $message = ‘User ‘ . $email_address . ‘ have been charged ‘ . $amount . $currency . ‘ for ‘ . $description;

    return $message;

    }, 10, 8 );

    add_filter( ‘direct_stripe_success_admin_email_content’, function( $token, $amount, $currency, $email_address, $description, $user_id, $button_id, $message){
    $today = date(“j, n, Y”);

    $user_info = get_user_by(’email’, $email_address);
    $user_email = $user_info->user_email;

    $message = ‘<h1>TEXT –</h1><br/>’ .
    http://{$_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]}<br/>” .
    ‘TEXT – ‘ . $email_address . ‘<br/>’ .
    ‘TEXT- ‘ . number_format( $amount/100, 2) .’   ‘. $currency . ‘<br/>’ .
    ‘TEXT – ‘. $description . ‘<br/>’ .
    ‘TEXT – ‘ . $today . ‘<br/>’ .
    ‘TEXT – ‘ . print_r($user_info) . ‘<br/>’;

    $message .= ‘User – ‘ . $user_email . ‘<br/>’;

    return $message;

    }, 10, 8 );

    *********** code above *********************

    But now with that activated, I don’t receive user or admin emails.
    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Nicolas Figueira


    Hello @ankit2694 ,

    Thank you for using Direct Stripe.

    The code example had multiple issues ( quotes format, concatenation, filter parameters ). You will find your example edited at

    Let me know if that helped.

    Best regards,



    Hi Nico,
    Thanks very much for your reply and the code cleanup. It works like a charm for emails. But now the payment screen gets stuck. Following your forum, and I deleted users from WordPress and also on Stripe. The payment gets through, but payment screen freezes. All my stripe logs are ‘200 OK’ (
    Thanks in advance.



    Just to add. I’m using the DS for payment (and not for Subscription). Here is the event log of another payment,, which got stuck as well.
    I tried a random email, the payment got through ‘200 OK’ and a failed mail delivery, which was expected.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Nico,
    An update. The failed page redirection is not working with the filter email add-on activated. With it is deactivated, all working fine. I will continue testing and update you in case of any breakthrough. But if you have any pointer, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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