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  • Geycer


    Friends, I have some images of 150 x 200, I wanted to automatically change to 200 x 300 by means of a plugin.

    I have like 300 images uploaded

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  • Joy


    Are you talking about the size of the original files? Or the size you set in Settings > Media?

    If it’s the originals, you need to upload bigger images. Trying to make an image bigger means it will be very low quality, because where do the extra pixels come from (pixel doubling is usually used). There is a plugin called Enable Media Replace, or you can simply FTP your bigger images over the top of the old ones and then use Regenerate Thumbnails to fix all the other sizes of each image.

    If it’s the Settings > Media size you want to change (your originals are bigger than 200 x 200), then simply change the settings and run Regenerate Thumbnails to fix all the images.

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    Thank you, my question precisely has to do with changing the images already uploaded either by means of a plugin and not changing them one by one and uploading them by FTP ….. is there not a plugin that does that? interests a lot about the pixels in this case



    Yes, apparently there are plugins, but I’ve never used any of these, so I don’t know if they do what you want. Good luck!

    If you want the technical details of how to do this so it looks better than doubling each pixel, read

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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