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  • Hello David,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to modify the upload date of attachments with MLA, or if there’s a chance that you might implement that feature (maybe in the “Quick Edit” view of the MLA table?).

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m using orderby=”date DESC” for my galleries that are auto-populated so nicely thanks to MLA, and while that is fine most of the time since I try to add images to my site in a timely manner, there’s the occasional “archive find” or “historic image” that I want to include in a gallery, but not appear right at the top with the newest images.

    If you have any other idea on how to achieve that I’d be happy to hear about it, of course. 🙂

    Thank you very much

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    It makes me a little uneasy to mess with fields that WordPress doesn’t allow you to modify, but there’s no technical problem I can see (pending further review of the code). With the customary “power tools for power users – don’t call me if it breaks your site” caveat I’ll consider this for a future release.

    In the interim, you could use a database tool like phpMyAdmin to change a few images and see if you have any side effects.

    Another approach would be to define a custom field like “Archive Date” or “Display Date” and populate it with the Upload date as a default. You could sort on the custom field and change the entries you want without disturbing the “official” dates. Would that be more or less interesting to you?

    It’s an interesting idea – thanks for raising it.

    Hello David, thanks for the response.

    Aha! A custom field sounds like an interesting idea – perhaps better than tweaking a field that WP doesn’t want to be tweaked (I haven’t tried anything at all yet), since it could be mapped with EXIF or IPTC data that contains the original capture date (and time, which wouldn’t matter in my case), which should be present in most of my images.

    The image metadata actually contains a field ‘created_timestamp’ (apparently, a Unix format) but I’m not sure if that can be directly used for sorting, be mapped to a custom field, needs conversion to a different format…

    Any help with this approach would be appreciated indeed. 🙂

    Hey, Alexander, you can change the upload date and time of an attachment by using this plugin:

    David, you can look at the code just to see how simple it is and you might decide to add this feature in you plugin.

    Plugin Author David Lingren



    Thanks for posting this update, for the link to your plugin and the offer to share the code. As I wrote in my earlier post, there’s no technical barrier to changing the upload date, but I have philosophical reservations about it. I’d prefer to leave it as the “date uploaded to WordPress”.


    I dropped the ball on answering your query about the “created_timestamp”. This field is available as a data source for custom field mapping, but as you noted the format is inconvenient. I had another look at one of your images (20121128-ASK_2162.jpg, “Pamo Valley Afternoon”) and found three EXIF fields that would be more useful. Their names and values are:

    DateTimeDigitized 2012:11:28 15:53:23
    DateTimeOriginal 2012:11:28 15:53:23
    DateTime 2012:12:01 17:37:05

    You could use either of the first two to organize your portfolios by the date and time. The “DateTime” value is somewhat later; I believe it is when you processed the image in Lightroom.

    Any of the three values can be mapped to a custom field to achieve your goal and preserve the “upload date” for its intended purpose.

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