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    as I’m planning to buy the medium business booking calendar, I’ve been testing it with the demo, and I’ve seen how the customer receives a mail from where he/she can access to an URL address where to change/modify the booking. The demo says “Please use this shortcode [ bookingedit ] for page, where your visitors, can edit his reservations.” so my question is how the edit/modify page of the book can include the resource (apartment…) that corresponds with the booking? Adding that shorcode to the page where the apartment is described? I’m asking becasue the settings asks for 1 URL (, and every apartment has a diferent URL.
    At the end, what I want is the page where the booking can be modified by the final client/renter/customer should show the related resource.

    Second question: there is a form to fill by the client when booking, but I only want to let do bookings only to registered users, so in that case the form is almost useless because the client data has to be imported from the user profile. Can your booking pluging work this way?

    Thank you!!!

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  • Well, another very important question I need to clarify: in the demo I’ve seen how the resources can be manually added from the backend, but in my business model the property owners/agents will submit their properties from the front-end, and every property submitted has to have its own booking calendar, therefore I think every submited property has to be a resource (in the terms of your plugin). BUT, when an owner/agent submits their property I need the resource in your plugin AUTOMATICALLY created for each property, without the need to manualy create the resource after the property is submitted.

    Also, in the Add Booking admin page, to create the booking you must select the resource from a dropdown box, but if I have 1,000 (for example) apartments (which each one is a resource) how can a dropdown box show 1,000 items and then select 1 ???


    I meant the resource should be classified in categories and filters to search for a resource when adding a new booking is a must, because selecting 1 resource from a dropdown box is unusable if you have thousands of resources. Please tell me if with your plugin I’ll be able to easily searh for 1 resource among thousands.

    Also, As I said, I need to know if your plugin is capable of importing the user data from the profile (for registered users) and not need for the form that accompanies the booking calendar.

    Thank you!!!
    Please excuse me for my long questions, but before to spend the money I need to solve this questions.

    Thanks again.

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    1) The booking what is editing by visitor, who click on the edit link in the email, is identificate by special HASH, so thats why there is only one page for the editing by visitors. Please read more how to configure it here
    2) You can activate the auto fill booking fields for the logged in users at the General Booking Settings page. (its get the value from of name, second name and email of the visitor and insert them into the booking form).
    3) The resources are only possible to create at the admin panel its not possible to create it dynamically from the client side page. If you are need to identificate the specific resource to the specific user, so then you can check the MultiUser version. At that version each specific wordpress user will see only own booking resources and do not see the bookings from the other users, so thats why in this conception you will not see the thousands of the booking resources.
    At the “Add booking” page, right now is possible to select the resources only using the selectbox.

    P.S. Please contact about the future questions directly by to the support email, which you can find at the plugin site, its more fast way in communications.

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