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  • Hello !

    My problem is this: I’ve created a page called “blog” in order to embed tumblr in my website ( Because of a problem I had to delete it and create another. Then the problem was solved, but instead of getting , I get . My permalink structure uses the page/post names. I would like to make it more simple and keep, but it seems this adress/permalink/id is taken so I can’t make the change. As I tried different ways, I’m now having this blog page on which is not easy and practical.

    I already tried to find some information on the forums, but rode that it was only possible with difficult database and php changes.

    Do you have any great idea ?
    Thanks a lot in advance !

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  • When you delete a page or post, the title of that page or post is still saved until you go to the trash and permanently delete it. So what’s happening is you can’t have two pages or posts with the exact same name, so if you try to do that, WordPress will add a number after the name to make each one unique.

    So what you’ll need to do is make sure all Blog pages are completely deleted. Go to your Pages and then up top there should be a link for Trash. Go there and empty the trash. Then you can go to the Blog page and you can edit the link, getting rid of the number.

    Thanks a lot dkotter ! I never noticed the trash. So it works fine except I have the same problem that with the first blog page I created: it leads to an index page like this:
    I don’t have any idea why. But when i create a second one called “blog test” for example, it works ! What’s the problem with this direction/page ?

    When I create a new page with any name and paste the wp tumblr code, it works. Then I empty the trash bin and rename the file and the permalink, and it leads me to the index page again…

    Weird.. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. It’s hard to troubleshoot without being able to go over everything myself, but sounds like some sort of conflict with the blog name. So without more information you might just need to name the page something besides blog, or at least have the permalink be something besides blog.

    It is pretty weird indeed. That’s what I just did, change the permalink to blog1 and it works.
    Looks like WP doesn’t like people using that term without a number 😉
    Thanks again and have a nice day !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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