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    Shouldn’t there be an alert when making a quick adjustment?

    I was suprised to see the entire Layout I’ve made within the Tailor editor, in my native wp_editor and made an quick modification to the Gallery Setting (change the link from attachment page to media link). Saving succeeded without any notification, and while the content is still displayed correct within the wp_editor, the Tailor editor isn’t showing any sections, columns and boxes and the layout of page itself turned into a single column which is unusable.

    Earlier I’ve modified the template of the page within the native editor, and (at least on the frontend side) this worked fine. However I haven’t tried to hop back to the Tailor editor before I’ve also modifed the Gallery Option as mentioned above.

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  • Today I just made an Tailor Template and pressed “Save & Publish” and the same problem occured. So again my content locked in without being able to edit it in the Tailor editor :(.

    Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold



    Tailor produces HTML content, which is what you’re seeing in the editor, and custom CSS. Both are displayed in the frontend without any filters being applied.

    Tailor meta data (setting values etc.) are stored separately in post meta. This meta data is used to (re)construct the page when editing the page in Tailor and any changes made (and saved) in Tailor will update the content and custom CSS.

    A conscious decision was made to allow users to edit content even after creating a custom Tailor layout. There are many benefits to this approach, but one drawback is the confusion that it can cause. A notification is displayed for this reason; advising users that the content is separate and will be overridden by changes made in Tailor.

    Tailor fully supports post revisions, so even if you change content manually in the editor you can restore previous content (and the associated layout data/CSS).

    Given everything above, the expected behaviour is: if you make a manual change to content in the editor after Tailoring a page, those changes will be reflected in the frontend. Tailoring that page again will result in the last saved Tailor layout being loaded. Is this what you’re seeing?

    No, after I hit “Save & Publish”, the HTML output from Tailor with it’s tailor* classes is shown in the WP_Editor.

    However when switching back to the Tailor editor I see the “resetted” Tailor screen with one content block (however this is not the default placeholder text from within the settings, but “asdf” so I have to dive into this a bit further.

    Also within the editor, when going to “history”, there is only the single “initial” entry, none of the other changes is reflected in there anymore.

    This issue is fixed now. Turned out there was a bug in the Theme I used. There was a rookie mistake inside that plugin using WP_Query without running wp_reset_postdata after the while. So the Tailor tried to fetch the Page Builder data based on the latest entry from the WP_Query instead of the main query.

    Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold


    Good to hear. Thanks for the update 🙂

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