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    I created a modified kubrick (default) theme that I want to use, but when I upload it to my server, under admin panel when I go to Presentation -> Themes it says “WordPress Default 1.6”, how do I change the themes name and description? What file do I have to create/modify? I have searched all the files that came with the theme but don’t see anywhere to add this information.

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  • The folder needs a different name and some lines in the theme have be set to the right values (and you need an icon and some other stuff). I know there’s a how to in the documentation/wiki. Be faster for us all if you looked it up.

    I created an image to preview the theme in the admin panel and I created a new name for the folder and theme. Do you have a link to the doc/wiki? Is searched the docs but had no luck finding this information.

    There’s protocol to themes. A manifest file if you will that describes it. I don’t do themes so I’m the very last person to ask . Google “wordpress theme header or manifest”. I’ll bet you find the clue.

    Figured it out, the info is at the top of the style.css file

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