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  • I have recently installed the free version of GTL Multipurpose. Because I don’t have coding experience, I did not knew the file that I need to edit in order to make changes to the front page (I now know that file is index.php).

    I contacted the company’s customer support (their name is Greenturtlelab) to ask them about the file that I need to edit and instead of replying something like “index.php” they replied that only those who have purchased the premium version of the theme can receive customer support and I was invited to receive a bonus code that would presumably make my purchase cheaper.

    Conclusion: I recommend using it if you buy the premium version or don’t need customer support. While it is in each company’s right to decide what they provide in the free version, any company that has a minimum of consideration for its clients/potential clients would arguably offer the most basic level of customer support (there is such thing such as premium customer support), or would at least answer to a very simple question instead of telling you to buy their premium theme.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by metauser1.
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  • Theme Author greenturtlelab


    Hi MetaUser1.

    First I would like to thank you very much for endorsing the quality of this theme.

    I’m also sorry you had a sub-excellent experience with support. Please do keep in mind you reached out to a support channel that is generally reserved for pro users. For the free version, we prefer to use the support forum so all users can benefit from questions other users may have. We still try to help users directly with the free version though.

    Also, please keep in mind, your question was outside the scope of the theme itself and had to do with learning wordpress theme coding. Furthermore, I re-read your email and it wasn’t clear exactly what you were trying to do as your question mentioned “Ajax Load More and infinite scrolling on the front page”. It seemed at first glance like a much more complicated issue you were having. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on that. Also, if I understand your question correctly, the answer is not as simple as “index.html”. Feel free to reach out again and I am happy to explain further.

    -GreenTurtle Lab


    This was my question: ::::::Hi. I am currently using the last version of free GTL Multipurpose theme in WordPress and I have my frontpage set to “display latest post”. I am trying to add Ajax Load More for infinite scrolling to my front page. The problem is I have difficulties locating the location where I can edit the front page, since it does not appear as a distinct page (I have not created a static home page but used the default front page provided by the theme). I have also tried with Editor from Appearance but given my limited coding experience I do not know the location from where I can edit my front page. My goal is to set infinite scrolling on the default front page displaying latest posts. I would like to know the location (in the editor) where I can change the codes for the Front Page (once again, not home page but the default Front Page offered by the theme which does not appear as a distinct page on my page list). Thanks!:::

    This was your answer: :::Hi. Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we don’t provide support for the free version of GTL Multipurpose. The Pro version includes Free Support, however. If you are interested I may be able to provide you with a promo code.:::

    In other words, I wanted to know the location of the front page in your theme, because not all themes have the same infrastructure. For this reason, I feel that the question was strictly related to your theme and could have been answered in two words (e.g., index.php). I did not want to know how to change the file or anything related to coding.

    I believe that my inquiry was not well handled. That doesn’t mean I am right in an ‘objective’ sense. I only made a review in an attempt to promote a more sensitive approach to the customer 🙂 Best.

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