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  • Okay, without mentioning any names, some moderators and users in general can be really big jerks in these forums.

    Granted, sometimes people will post their entire code asking for a debug, or ask a question that was addressed in the first page of the documentation. That does get annoying.

    However, people post in the forums looking for help. It is not helpful to get a nasty reply about how much you don’t know. All users should take the time to educate themselves about wordpress, but it becomes VERY difficult to learn when other users go out of their way to berate you.

    The forums are for learning purposes, if you are unable to reply to posts without angry or sarcastic remarks, you should probably spend your time doing something else. Don’t like it when some new user hasn’t really done their homework? Just ignore them, they’ll turn to the docs when no one replies to their post. Save your own time. Or better yet just post a link to the doc they need, without a jerky comment.

    This really isn’t everybody, most moderators are really helpful and wonderful to be so generous with their time. But there are a handful of users that repeatedly post mean comments.

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  • whooami



    this could have just as easily have been titled “wordpress newbies can be lazy”. You might say its not laziness, just as easily as I can say Moshu wasnt a jerk to you. Anymore, than he’s a jerk to anyone else that asks questions that honestly can be answered with a little more work on the posters part.

    I’ll hazard a guess that 20% of the posts here asking for help, dont require anyone’s help. They’re easily answered via a search, either here, or on Google. God knows, if those 20% were not here, it might be easier to actually get to the 80% of questions that actually need help.

    It’s so easy to be friendly.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    whooami Only 20%?

    Half of the posts I answer on here show up as the first link in a Google search.




    greenshady, i was trying to cut ppl some slack 😛

    veevee, this isn’t a friendship forum, nor a hugfest. Why people do not understand that the time it takes just to read items that are posted here takes away from someone else’s time — is beyond me.

    I’ll use myself as an example — anyone whos been around here for any amount of time knows I can come across rather harshly, depending on who you ask, of course. I am sure there are people that go out of their way to actively ignore my posts. I have no problem with that. I probably ignore theirs.

    You cant really do the same with someone that you dont know, now can you? That means that if Moshu wants to give you the same time he gives someone else, he has to read your posts. You just spent his time. he didnt even have to reply, and it was gone.

    Multiply that by the thousands.

    This is a support forum, and brevity ought to be embraced, not called mean, or rude, or any of the other stuff its labled as. No-one has time to stop and stroke egos. And we shouldnt have to either.

    If you want to use software, and you want to be on the web, you need to self educate, at some point. This is not 6th grade tether ball where there is no winner.

    I just don’t get the negative attitude I’ve been seeing lately from help-seekers.

    The software is FREE.

    The documentation is FREE.

    The human support is FREE.

    The humans who do forum support are VOLUNTEERS; people who want to help other people, and they are the only ones showing up to help you put out your fires.

    So why call them jerks?

    You need to do as much homework on your own BEFORE you post a question. This not only helps volunteers help you, but it helps you learn, too.

    sometimes its really obvious that someone asking for help has done NOTHING to help themselves. its especially frustrating when they get some help, or pointed in the right direction and STILL put forth no effort, even worse when they THEN come on here and call us all jerks.

    if you dont like the attitude from the FREE help, then go hire someone to do it for you.

    or gimme your address and I’ll print out my answers on a buncha candy hearts, bundle em in a nice gift basket and make sure the courier smells nice and is cordial.

    As a brand spankin new “newbie”, I can say that people who spend their time on here helping other people who know as little as I do really impress me. To all of you “haves” out there from the majority of we, the “have nots”, we really appreciate your help, even if it’s just to tell us where we should have looked to figure the problem out (even that is not obvious to all of us).

    whooami said:

    this could have just as easily have been titled “wordpress newbies can be lazy”…greenshady, i was trying to cut ppl some slack 😛

    ppl? Now who’s being lazy? 😉

    This is a forum, not your cell phone.

    Just pointing it out, not being rude and mean or anything. Have a nice evening, whooami. 😀




    Fwiw, I spent 6 years on IRC, which predates texting on cellphones. 🙂 I typed like that, long before anyone was glued to their cell.

    For those who don’t like to answer the same newbie posts over and over, the one’s a newbie should somehow know to find on their own in the anal of Google, why not stop answering them and relieve yourself of this enormous burden?

    Berating a newbie, offering some vague direction, being condescending, all this proves is your lack of understanding that you aren’t the superior being you perceive yourself to be. Be good, be helpful or don’t be at all. Nobody is twisting your arm. Nobody needs your brand of help. It’s useless.

    And to newbies, stop apologizing for asking a question. If it weren’t for newbies, WordPress would be just another piece of unknown code that techies used and adored themselves with. And the blog authors who have glommed onto it to make a name for themselves would have no readers.

    It’s not your fault if you’re not a coder or Internet savvy enough to know where to go for help, much less how to properly ask. If you can’t get answers here…helpful, polite ones…then by all means try another blogging solution. For most users, the others will serve quite well and are frankly less temperamental.

    I’ve never thought that anyone was all that mean, maybe sometimes a little short. Its possible that some people did not notice that after a release, inquiry volume in this category goes on a ballistic arc. That can make people who help here a lot a lttle testy.

    Bottom line, when you ask a question here, you are hoping someone logs in right after that who has seen a similar problem before, and has the time to give an answer, the moderators cannot do it all.

    I have lurked here for a long time, and gotten a lot of help. A few weeks ago, when I installed V2.5 and came looking for solutions, I realized that it was time to give something back. So I help where I can. That’s what this is about. Someone who has higher expectations probably needs to hire a good consultant to listen to them.

    And I’ll weigh in with this that I posted awhile back. You’d be surprised how much time this could save if everyone who came to this forum seeking help made sure they did this first:

    And if you are going to spend time on the internet, grow a thick hide. No one is here to make you feel warm and fuzzy. They are here to help you work with WordPress, they are here because they support WordPress and want to see it grow. We were all clueless newbies once. Well, I was. Some mods here have forgotten more about WordPress than I’ll ever know. They know who they are.

    Point is, no one should come here with a sense of entitlement and I see quite a lot of that lately, and I’ve been on this forum for over four years and I can say that it’s definitely gotten worse. Why that is I have no idea. Personally, if I’m looking for an answer to my problem, I don’t care if it’s coated in sugar, dung or what, as long as it’s correct and solves my problems. If I want warm fuzzies, I turn to my cat or my husband.

    Peace out.

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