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  • Ok so I need to do research to find a solution my client is having.

    My client, wants to add comments to their website. Previously they used the Diquss commenting system. The site is designed to deal with disputes going on with the company and want to offer a duologue so that customers can talk and air their concerns. As you can imagine there can be many unhappy people wanting to leave comments and requires the site to have a few different moderators to manage the flow.

    The main issue they’re have is it is difficult to know if any moderator has responded to any of the user comments. This leads to more than one moderator replying to the same comment.

    Are there better options out there?
    Is it better to use the built in comment system?
    Is there a way to see if other Moderators have responded to a post via the Admin area?

    HELP! … lol

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  • HI Sputick3k,

    Why don’t you use a forum software? WordPress also developed BBPress forum. You can find the plugin from the plugins directory.

    I would assign a set of posts to each moderator, perhaps mod 1 does only posts with even number post ID’s and the other does the odd ones? As post id’s are randomly generated, it should work out in the long term to be an equal amount of work for each.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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