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  • We want to delegate editing existing posts/pages, but not allow them to publish without review. I understand the process for setting this up for new posts/pages, but how about for existing posts/pages? The key is that we would want the current version to be visible and public while an Contributor is making changes. Then once reviewed, the admin/editor would review/approve and publish (which would then update the existing content).

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  • Hi @manakuke – it sounds like what you want to do is to give an individual – or a group of individuals by role – the ability to edit posts or pages that they did not create (please correct me if I’ve misunderstood).

    Normally in the WP world a user would need to be an Editor role (or Admin) to be able to edit posts/pages created by others, BUT an Editor does have the ability to publish posts and pages.

    This is not something that the EditFlow plugin is designed to do – your best solution would be to use a ‘role management’ plugin, such as Members (there are others, do some research to find one you really like, this is simply the one that I use)

    This would allow you to create a Custom Role to which you can assign the ability to edit other’s posts/pages but NOT the ability to Publish, then you can assign the individuals to that Role that you want to have do this job. OR IF you really want ALL Contributors to be able to edit any post/page but not publish, you can simply add ‘edit_others_posts’ to the existing Role of Contributor.

    I hope this helps solve your issue. 🙂

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    I also want to do this, I have a membership plugin with a custom role, but I think the question being asked is how to setup the workflow process so that when this user edits something, it goes into the workflow process and the new version of the post doesn’t get published until an admin or editor allows it and the post is already published. Is this how it works now? Is there a guide on how to use this software anywhere? I’ve been searching for a ‘how to’ on EditFlow and haven’t come up with much. I have a huge site with published content that I need a workflow solution for.


    @stopha – have you checked Oasis Workflow. The Pro version of Oasis Workflow comes with workflow support for already published content – Check this out for more information –

    Hope this helps.

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