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    In the image note that this is logged on the control panel
    a user is allowed to “Author. “

    About comments, we know that “Editor” and the
    “Administrador” may approve and reject any
    comments. And the “Author” is allowed to
    approve / reject only the comments made in posts
    written by him (the author).

    He can only MODERATE those made in his post. But it is
    FEATURED all. Only I wish they would appear to
    “Author” for moderating the comments made on only
    post it.

    The example is clear. Look at the picture, comment
    Rodrigo was done at a post of “Author”, so logged
    as an author is able to view and moderate.

    But the comment below, Bruno, was made in a posting
    that was not the “author”and therefore the “Author” can not
    moderate. But it appears to him. I wish it were not
    displayed to him. That were displayed just the
    comments of their own posts.

    Do you understand?

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