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  • This is happening to me too. I tested my comments, by commenting myself, and what I noticed is that when the server takes too long to process the comment, THIS is what happens. It deletes the person’s information and send a blank email.

    no solutions for this?

    This just started happening to me: I’m using WP 2.6 and all of a sudden I started getting several of these blank notification emails, without any comments to moderate.




    maybe you all have the same host.

    I doubt that, mainly because this never happend to me until now and I didn’t change my host or add any new plugins.

    lol IT’S NEVER THE SAME HOST! Why people always fall back to that same reply? Everyone can’t possibly have the “same host”.

    Happening to me as well, I have no idea why it’s happening or how to stop it. Hopefully we can find something to stop it, my host is Surpass Hosting and I am asking on their support forums for a possible resolution.



    After weeks of trying to figure out this problem, my host Surpass Hosting found the following solution.

    We have enabled register globals for your domain to fix the issue.

    Seems to have made everything work perfectly now. 🙂



    I had to reinstall WP. I think it might have had something to do with the “AJAX Edit Comments” plugin, but that’s just a wild guess.



    I am still having problems with Blank Comments on my site. I did have some ‘weirdness’ in the database in that some posts had been making doubles and uploaded images were trying to act as posts, I cleaned that up by removing them in phpmyadmin but I have still been getting a few blank comments. 🙁

    I do have a plugin that replies to comments, but I had got blank ones when it was turned off before, so I have no idea. *sigh*

    I am getting the same thing, as of yesterday. The only thing I did was update Akismet automatically.

    I can’t figure out how to fix it. My readers are unable to comment. Anyone have any suggestions??

    Additional information:

    I have several blogs all on the same web host.

    Blog #1: Comments do not work. I had updated the Akismet plugin to the newest version. I disabled the plugin. Comments still do not work.

    Blog #2: Comments work. I had updated the Akismet plugin to the newset version. So it’s not the Akismet plugin causing the problem.

    Blog #3. Comments work. The Aksimet plugin is NOT updated to the newest version yet. This confirms that Akismet is not the problem.

    ANYONE have any help? I’m lost.

    Another bit of information– Akismet seems to be stuck. It is showing (1) spam comment in the dashboard. When I go to the page to Delete it, nothing is there to delete. The (1) will not disappear.

    Please, do any moderators or anyone have any ideas to try?

    I’ve tried disabling my plugins.
    I’ve tried switching my theme.
    I’ve tried switching my comments settings, and then back again.

    Nothing works!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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