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    Love this plugin which I got to work on a test site but can’t make it work for a client site.

    In both cases I am using WP 3.9 and the Vantage theme.

    Could it be…?

    1. The test site is on Bluehost.
    2. The client site is on GoDaddy.

    On the client site I don’t get the modal html output from your script. Do you require a certain version of PHP?

    And the plugins are similar but not identical. Do you know if your plugin has issues working with other plugins?

    I suppose I could to a test site on GoDaddy but I don’t want to do that.

    Any suggestions.

    BTW — you have broken links to your site to pay for your plugin upgrade. I think they were in the plugin admin.

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  • I have now tried it on GoDaddy in a test site and it still does not work.

    I have feeling this is a PHP issue but I know the site is running 5.4.26.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    I will have to check but i test on several different versions of php generally. Couple things to check right off;

    Be sure that the modal is enabled either sitewide or on the page your testing.

    Double check the theme to make sure it calls wp_footer() in the footer somewhere just before the closing body tag, likewise for wp_header just before closing head tag.

    The html will be output via the wp_footer function so if its not just before the body tag it may be inside another div.

    Hope this helps, let me know if i can help.

    Please take a moment to rate and review the plugin and or support

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Which plugin did you buy? JW

    Sugar Modal Windows

    It has more features but one thing I don’t like is that the modal does not open in the viewport like yours does by default. Or so it would seem as I have not done enough testing.

    Like I said, I like yours too and I might end up using both,

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Can you list what it has that ours doesn’t. Last i checked i had everything they had plus some. I was the first to really release one several years ago and i stopped working on it for a while. But last year i sampled every plugin available including sugar ( had to pay my competitor 🙁 ) but the end result was a list of features that included those of every other plugin unless we deemed them unnecessary.

    Might be time to do another roundup and test again. We have several features in the works once v1.4 is released. Our pro versions will include advanced animations ( mind blowing visuals ), analytics for modals including conversion tracking ability for most forms, as well as a handful of addons for instant integration with some major services, such as mailchimp.

    Thanks for your time and feedback.

    Can we make a deal?

    How about if you send me your premium plugin and I will send you a summary of all the functions built into their modal? You might want to do this with me because I teach WP in class and online and I could promote your plugin in training sessions.


    I think that would be a pretty good deal for both of us.

    If you like this I’d post my email address here so we can talk outside of this forum.


    Plugin Author danieliser


    email me at danieliser at


    Sent an email to you about 2 hours ago.


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