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    Hi again,

    If anyone has any insight into this I would be very appreciative!

    I have had to remove the uncannytoolkit login as I have people testing so the problem is no longer ‘live’.

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    Sorry Carla, it was a national holiday here when you submitted this one, we’ll be looking at it today.

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    Hi hi,

    Thanks so much – I really appreciate it.

    I have changed the settings back to display the problem while you look at it.

    Have a lovely day!

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    Our Front End Developer had a look at this and was able to provide feedback.

    How you’re currently launching the modal means that means that, on click:

    If JS is enabled, Uncanny Toolkit will open the Log in modal, and prevent the redirect to
    If JS is disabled, Uncanny Toolkit will just redirect to

    We set things up this way so that logging in is possible even if JS is disabled.

    What’s happening here is that Avada’s “anchor scrolling” functionality is adding a JS file that forces the redirect (even if Uncanny Toolkit is preventing it).

    There are two solutions:

    No code solution

    Instead of using the URL—-ult-login, use just #ult-modal-open—-ult-login. The downside of this approach is that if the user has JS disabled, nothing will happen.

    Code solution:

    Add a JS function that detects that the user is using Avada, and —following Avada’s documentation— add the class avada-noscroll to the anchor. This is unfortunately not something we could build or support for you though.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response – I really appreciate it.

    I wanted to clarify something with regards your no-code-solution.

    I have not set the url of the login/register link to—-ult-login. I have followed the instructions on the uncanny toolkit site and and used the ‘Uncanny Menu Link (Front end login modal)’ which sets the url to #ult-modal-open----ult-login with the classes uo-login-logout-menu-item

    Am I correct in thinking that my only option then is to apply the code solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @carlaturner91 ,

    What your link does us is that /register/ is recognized by WordPress as your login page. That could create some issues for you since it doesn’t have the login form and could make something like password reset impossible. If you’re setting a login page in the Front End Login module, make check the page mapping there and correct or remove it so that it’s not using /register/.

    As for this issue, you’re unfortunately going to need a code solution to correct the issue because of how Avada is handling things. We’re wondering if you could add this JS somewhere so it will work properly:

    // Uncanny Toolkit - Frontend Login (modal)
    // Add the CSS class "avada-noscroll" to the anchors to open the Uncanny Frontend Login modal so Avada doesn't force the redirect

    Note that in my previous reply there was an issue because I didn’t mark the string as code and changed the dashes so they were combined. What I’m pasting above now should work.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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