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    Hi, I’ve just started developing WordPress themes a few days ago and I’ve installed this Easy Modal into my WP. I put the <a href link in a post, selected the modal that I want below the post but when I view my page and click on it, nothing is appearing, checked console no errors or anything. I’m running my project on MAMP server, I’m not sure if I’m missing anything?

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

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  • Some info: I’m using latest jQuery, tried firefox & Google Chrome, activated the plugin, using a template that I’ve created so my functions.php is pretty clean (probably missing some functions needed for this plugin?). 🙂

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Sorry for the delays. Ok so you have a page with a modal selected in the multi select box below the editor. Your HTML link above got cut off so its not showing what you have there. Next time use the back tick example below to correct it.

    To be sure it is working properly to load the modal view the source of that page and look near the bottom for a div with id=eModal-your modal id. If that is there then make sure your link has a class equal to that id. Any HTML element with that class will open that modal.

    Sorry, I did <a href="#" class="eModal-1">Open Modal</a>
    just like the example. I viewed the source but it’s not showing anything related to modal, no div or anything. Just curious if there is anything essential that I need to load this modal as my the theme I created is very basic. Thanks! 🙂

    Hi, just a little update, I used a different theme and it worked. I’m curious if you know if I’m missing any basic functions thats essential for this to work? 🙂

    Plugin Author danieliser


    your theme would definately need to have wp_footer(''); just before the closing body tag. This would be a requirement for a lot of plugins.

    Sorry! I should’ve read the documentations on plugin first.. Thanks for putting up with me 🙂

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Not a problem. most likely your theme doesn’t have wp_head(”) just before closing head tag.

    Jason Paul


    I’ve got wp_footer and wp_head setup the normal way and the modal isn’t working for me.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    The problem could be one of many. Best to start a new topic but when you are on the modals settings page is it set to site-wide? If not you can enable it by editing the pages/posts you want it on and selecting that modal in the “Easy Modal Settings” section below the content editor.

    If neither of these is true the modal would not be loaded on the page to be shown when the button is clicked.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you danieliser! The reason <a href="#">Open Modal</a> was not working was because the option “Sitewide” under General Options was set to “NO”. I changed it to “YES” and this fixed the problem.

    Now I am trying to figure out how you can specify what page to load the script on when you decide to set “Sitewide” to “NO”.

    Setting ‘sitewide’ to YES also solves this problem for me.

    The setting doesn’t really matter to me. But now I’m wondering why the setting exists, if the plugin doesn’t work with one of it’s options.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    The sitewide option is used when you have a modal that is called from say a main menu, header, footer or sidebar that will be on just about every page.

    If that isnt the case set it to no. If you want it on the home page edit the home page and just below the content editor is the “Easy Modal Settings” panel. Here you can choose any modal that is not set to sitewide to be loaded on that page.

    If a modal only needs to be loaded on one page then you can use the inline shortcode

    [modal id="Test"]content here[/modal]

    And then to open it use class eModal-Test.

    There are 3 options for enabling a modal. Sitewide, per page or inline with a shortcode. Hope this helps and clarifies things.

    Hi, I have installed the EasyModal plugin, activated and configured it as per the documentation. I am using the following code to call a single simple modal: Read more

    My theme has a footer and calls wp footer. No other plugins have any issues. jQuery version 1.10.2

    I would appreciate any suggestions as to why this is not working. I am keen to see it working before I purchase it.


    Plugin Author danieliser


    Hey Gary,

    The code you pasted wasn’t inside the backticks and isn’t showing up properly. Do you by chance have a link i can look at to try and see whats going on?

    i have used EM on another side with no issues.
    i have set it up on another website and purchased the upggrade.
    easy modal PRO isn’t showing.. its stil showing easy modal.
    and when i click the button NOTHING HAPPENS . the mouse doesnt even change as it does when the a button is clickable. i have sent many emails please help! thanks

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