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    I am using this plugin for a “contact form 7” form . It was working exactly well. But suddenly after the last update the modal is not working. I have checked all the settings. All are fine and OK. If i need to revert back to the older version of this plugin what i need to do?

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  • Hi.

    I’m new to Easy Modal … testing it out for a client. Since the update, I’m getting the error copied below:

    Notice: Undefined index: style_formats in /home/content/80/11251180/html/tmo/wp-content/plugins/easy-modal/easy-modal.php on line 393

    Otherwise, I really like the plugin. It lives up to its name.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Yes its works for me, just click yes to activate it in Sitewide

    Hey Darkesys,

    Little too much coffee today?

    I didn’t say it doesn’t work. I was just letting you know it’s pulling an error.
    I would think you’d care about that.

    Maybe not.

    That’s up to you.


    Plugin Author danieliser


    Ok patching the error you described GloryBee should be an update shortly. Can i get a bit more information rukunpuc about the error or problem you are experiencing?

    As darkesys pointed out modals can now be loaded sitewide or per page. I tried to set it up so that on installation of this version it would set all modals to sitewide true.

    If you dont want them on everypage there is an extra option panel on your page/post editor screen to select non sitewide modals to be loaded for that page.

    If this doesnt describe your issue please do futher.


    I apologise for the snarky comment posted above … it was in response to a Darkesys message that came through email (but which does not appear in this thread) which I now realize may have been addressed to rukunpuc — though that was not at all clear in the email message.

    Anyway, I want you to know all is good. I love your plugin.

    Re: compensation for the good work: is there an option to just Donate to the development of the plugin without purchasing a Pro version? (I really don’t want or need additional ‘themes’).

    Re: what the Pro version offers aside from additional styling options (themes):
    I’d like to be able to target individual instances with a class name that, in the case of using an eModal window with Contact-Form-7, would pull that class-name into the Subject line of the Contact form. Have you scripted for anything like that in the Pro version?

    You will see at for example, how that first item has a ‘Please enquire’ link. Wouldn’t it be nice if the name of the item they enquire about could be pre-loaded in the Subject line?

    Thanks for your attention.
    And, thanks for this wonderful plugin which saves me having to roll my own with much trial and effort.


    I especially like the option of not loading every modal on every page, need it or not.
    Thanks for THAT.

    Hi guys,
    Mine was working fine a few days ago or last week at least, but now a click does nothing at all. Whats going on? I’m not the only one posting this on here I see. Can anyone get it to work on click using the class?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Sorry for the confusion @mjefferson96. Most likely what has happened is that your modals for some reason when imported into the newest version didnt set the modals to sitewide.

    On each modal settings page you can choose sitewide or not.

    If its not sitewide it wont work unless specifically chosen via each page/post settings page. You will see an option to choose the modals you want to load for that page.

    @glorybee this can be achieved using some simple jQuery in your themes js or similar.. ex…

    This is the code that opens the checkout modal when you click the get started buttons on

    	var $this = $(this);
    	var license_type = $'license_type');
    	var $modal = $('#eModal-27').emodal('open');
    	$('.product_info').text( $'license_type') == 1 ? '(Personal)' : '(Developer)');
    	$('.product_price').text('$' + $'price'));
    	$('.form-total .price', $modal).text('$' + $'price'));

    Basically i am preventing the basic open and using a customized opening.

    Setting form fields on the fly using their ids. This could be used to do just about anything in that respect.

    PS. The entire checkout process on that site is done via Easy Modal modals. You pay and immediately get a license key in another modal.

    I.e. this plugin can do whatever you want it to really.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    PS. There will be usage examples such as this added to the site and readmes shortly. I have just been pressed for time lately.


    I just made that purchase. Very slick.
    Thanks for the jQuery sample.

    Over and out.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @glorybee Glad you got to try it out. Again thank you for your support as well. The site was just launched this week so bear with me as i get more info in there. You should have been added to our mailing list as well for updates and feature request polls etc.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    PS. If you have a moment please rate and review it here

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