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Mod/admin plz

  • I need to get in touch with a mod or admin plz. I don’t see any ways of PMs, so i posted this thread.

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  • whooami




    ** ive edited this post. It wasnt as snarky as alot of my posts, but in retrospect, I thought it best.

    Actually i like free speech.. but how dumb can one get?





    that has nothing to do with the thread here, except that he elaborated there. (I didnt even read it, Im not interested enough sorry)

    Obviously though, thats your issue with this thread – so why not just go make your own case in that first thread? Seriously?

    edit: Ok, im curious enough to read it 😛

    why not just post THAT link into that other thread 🙂

    Just read it all…

    And it will go down the page…:|




    I will admit after reading that that person comes off as quite paranoid. Not too surprisingly, there is a similar semi-paranoid thread on here started by him, that I managed to reply to. Sigh.

    Some people are just like that, I guess, I dunno.

    Couple that with the crap you see on TV about how evil the Internet is, and well there you go.

    I chalk it up to lack of experience.

    Without question, there is nothing wrong with being cautious, but IF i were a mod here.. I would delete the thread here.. Not because I believe you, or dont believe him, but because there isn’t any substantiation for his very strong opinion. He proved nothing.

    See section I in the Forum Rules – about contact.

    EDIT. Closed that other topic – let’s not revive a month old BS…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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