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  • Hi there, I don’t really understand the syntax for mod_rewrite. I’ve just changed my permalink structure thus:
    successfully using WP’s built-in .htaccess generation.
    Thankfully, even after the change, both styles of link still get me to the right page (so search engine indexes etc. still work)
    However, I need to create a special case in the .htaccess file, so that I can redirect this:
    /wp/index.php/feed/ (which was previously my feed address)
    to here:
    I’ve used the feedburner WP plugin, and it created rules that work if you type in /wp/feed/ but not /wp/inex.php/feed/ (this currently just redirects to the wp home page, which is presumably no good for rss readers.

    In case it makes any difference, I’m using (I’m due to upgrade to 2 as soon as i get this fixed)

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