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  • Hi.

    I use mod_layout to force headers to the content and it struggles alot with wordpress.

    I can’t find out what the problem is, therefore I ask here.

    I have already changed so the headers never are forced into wp-admin, since it screws up lot’s of things there with the javascript calls.

    I force the headers into the content around <body>, but with wordpress, I get duplicate headers. I guess it has to do with that wordpress somewhere calls to TWO files, maybe a header and a footer or something like that, and the header is added both times or something. I’ve checked the functions that WP have to make some kind of ignore with the headers here as well, but I can’t find anything.

    Do anyone of you have any clue? I would love some help here.
    Do WP always send headers when gathering information from files? I only force the headers to content-type text/html, so the both files has to be recognized as that..

    Please help!:)

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  • I hate to do this bumping, but I really need help with this.. Do anyone know what it could be? Do you need any more information? It struggles with atleast 2.6.x. I have not checked with earlier versions

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