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    May I ask, does this or can this replace MOD Security from cPanel.: http://prntscr.com/oux67r.
    If it doesnt but CAN, may I see the docs on how to do this plzzzz?

    Ninja activated and can I turn off MOD Sec, is it safe?


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  • Plugin Author nintechnet


    Yes, it can replace ModSecurity.
    See this post about how both filtering engines work very similarly: An introduction to NinjaFirewall filtering engine.

    Thread Starter Jaso


    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Is this MOD Sec replacement automatically activated when the plugin is activated, or is there any specific settings need to be altered to make this work?


    Plugin Author nintechnet


    It’s always running when the plugin is activated.

    Hi, just to get some clarification:

    Does NinjaFirewall take precedence over Mod Security, or vice-versa, or does it get along with Mod Security? And is there some sort of hand-off where they both filter php requests, or just one does the filtering?

    Wondering if they’re redundant or even stronger together.

    Plugin Author nintechnet


    ModSecurity will come first and you can use it with NinjaFirewall, there’s no problem or conflict.
    You can use ModSecurity to filter some generic threats that could affect the whole server, and let NinjaFirewall handle the rest.

    Makes sense, thanks for the reply!

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