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    My server, Dreamhost, has a statistics thing built in to their service. To get there just hit and enter your password. It’s not an actual folder in my site, it just is set up somehow to do that.

    I just started using the permalinks options and now when I try to use the stats page, it throws me back to my index file. How can I exclude /stats from being affected by the rewrite rules?

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  • moshu


    Does this help?
    (and read all the following posts!)

    If the hosting company is using a “symlink” or “symbolic link” to the stats directory as they often do for a number of features, (assuming httpd.conf has AllowOverrides enabled) you’ll need to put
    Options +FollowSymlinks in as the first line in your .htaccess file. This should resolve the issue.

    By adding this when you access your stats directory which is really a pointer to something else on the server it should “override” the wordpress mod_rewrite rules for that directory only.



    thanks moshu, that works

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