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  • I made a post to the theme review team concerning this and someone will get back to you. However, I believe it’s not a possibility to have a new theme replace an old one of the same name; still waiting a reply on that right now.

    Okay the response is that you can have the theme removed from being seen on the extend but not deleted.

    So you will unable to have a new theme with the same name.

    Can it be renamed, or unlinked from the previous username or any other workaround?

    It’s the name of my product and indeed a shame to waste it.

    If there’s nothing that can possibly be done go ahead and just remove it from view and delete our conversation here.

    Thank You

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Also please don’t title posts with modlook, that’s not now it works.

    If you need a moderator to look at a post, you can tag on the right here => with modlook.

    Also regarding deleting of threads or post, that’s not done as a matter of policy.

    Address the theme review team directly via the theme review mailing list.

    Thanks, appreciate it.

    Then as a courtesy, I respectfully ask that for my personal privacy, this topic be deleted.

    Thank You

    Sorry – as explained above, we do not delete topics.

    That’s not true. It’s simply explained that the moderators reserve the right to not delete topics. Essentially it’s a judgment call.

    This is a specific and private issue that I needed to look into that adds no value to the community.

    I only posted here because I was unable to find a more suitable method of communication at the time.

    I’m uncomfortable keeping this topic public at this point and I politely and respectfully ask that you take that into consideration.

    Please can a moderate delete this topic.

    Thank You

    Essentially it’s a judgment call.

    Agreed. Topics may be removed or edited in an extreme situation. This is not an extreme situation.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    For future reference: in-ticket communication is the most effective and efficient means of resolving Theme review/repository related issues. Bringing the question here to the forum won’t help you, because as awesome as the forum mods are, they can’t help you with Trac/SVN issues.

    @chip – Duly noted, you learn something new every day.

    As far as simple ethics and politeness I do find it hard to believe that if a user makes a mistake or is otherwise uncomfortable with a topic that their request for deletion is ignored.

    I can hardly see instances like this being damaging to the wealth of knowledge on all things WordPress. Perhaps in the beginning this made more sense, but at this point this feels dated and wrong.

    I suggest that the policy on this be revised.

    Thank You

    For anyone else that comes across this topic and has the same problem, there is a very simple solution. A much easier solution than deleting a theme out in order to reupload it under a different username.

    You can simply request that the theme name/ownership be transferred from one username to another. It’s that simple.

    Thanks, Bryan

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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