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  1. chicky
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I see there's been a few recent posts regarding moblogs and getting them running with WP. I just going to go ahead and volunteer my services to help out with testing anything - I work for Cingular and have nothing better to do with my employee account than take pictures, not to mention having access to a storefull of different phones that I could use to do it from. Let me know if I can help out; it will certainly give me something to do during the workday :)

  2. huphtur
    Posted 11 years ago #

    (dunno if you could help me or not, but its worth a shot)
    im trying to get it going with wp-mail mod 0.2.
    the hack is installed fine, it works with normal emails
    but from cingular phone it wont work.
    the image is not decoded and all it shows is the cingular signature:

    Photo Messaging brought to you by Cingular Wireless http://www.cingular.com.
    You can send the sender of this email a Text Message by simply replying to =
    this message.

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