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  • I have the beginnings of a moblog hack for WordPress 0.72 for which I need some beta testers. My mobile phone is not operational yet and I have no real way of testing this. Just a word of warning: THIS IS BUGGY CODE, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FAILURE. BACKUP EVERYTHING.
    So here we go…
    Download this file and rename it to b2mailtest.php. Put it in your wordpress folder and follow the instructions for setting up email blogging for WordPress. Remember to setup a cron job with the new bemailtest.php not NOT the old b2mail.php when you follow the email blogging instructions. Create a folder called tmp inside your WordPress folder and make it writeable by your webserver. This hack emulates the settings from the main b2mail.php. Once you have email blogging setup, send an email to your blog with the same information as you would when you blog through email(username, password, subject prefix etc), but now you can attach a picture (through your phone, can be used just through email as well, tested with jpeg and gif extensions) to your email which gets added to your entry. I am working on setting up video blogging as well, but I need to get my phone working first. This has a lot of possibilities, including resizing the image, adding the support for categories etc.
    Some suggestions to debug problems:
    Make sure you use plan text encoding for your email, works the best.
    If you are getting “error opening mailbox”, find the following line:
    $mailserver = “{“.$mailserver_url.”:”.$mailserver_port.”/pop3/notls}”;
    and remove the /notls
    Email me or post a note on my blogs. Expect some updates and bugfixes soon. Hope some people find this useful and it increases WordPress popularity. 😛

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  • I now have a modification of the above script which lets a SprintPCS Vision customer moblog directly from their phone using email blogging. If anyone is interested in this, please email me or leave a message on here. I have a couple of moblog posts setup on my blog.

    Thanks a lot! I’ve tried the hack, works great for me. I’ve been able to post from my nokia 7650 via email, it posted both text + attached image (i tried with one image attachment).

    Sweet and thanks for the positive feedback! How about some other people trying this hack out? Would people like to be able to post videos and voice messages as well? I will be working on the script figuring out multiple attachments and a variety of other improvements. Do the other internet-cell-phone services (besides sprint-pcs) have any peculiarities that users would like to share with us to help in fixing the code?

    I just got a camera-phone so I’ll have to give this a try.

    I have messed with LL’s script a bit and have it working fine with scaled images. I had to add in the stuff from 1.0.1/CVS about category information. You are welcome to grab the script or do whatever with it. Script and example can be seen at my WP Blog

    I’m not too familiar with the cron job. I can see it in the control panel
    it looks like this:
    This is a web interface to the crontab program. It allows you to run commands at any time you specify. Enter the command you would like to run as well as running times.
    Please enter an email address where the cron output will be sent:
    Command to run
    What should I put in the command to run?

    that really would depend on your host. In most cases, (if UNIX or Linux hosting) the command would be:
    /usr/bin/php /path/to/your/wordpress/folder/wp_moblog.php
    You should contact your host and ask them how to setup a cron job to run the wp_moblog.php files every couple of hours. Without looking at your setup and your control panel, it is pretty hard to answer your question correctly.

    I’ve got Rob’s modified script 1.1 running. What’s the trick to post to a category other than General — or multiple categories for that matter? Or is that still work in progress?

    Categories other than general or multiple categories have not been implemented in this script. They might be in a future release.

    So I’ve tried both Rob’s script and LL’s original script, and neither produce any output, nor any result (ie, nothing is posted). I’m pretty puzzled. I’ve looked through the code and everything seems in order. Do you guys have any versions with more debugging code in place or something?

    Is there a version with pop3 and not IMAP??? I would really appreciate that…

    did WP 1.2 change the way this hack works? basically im having a problem getting this to even log in and check the email address. wordpress itself can login to the email and post but the sprint.php will not even log in. and if i change the login information at the top of sprint.php to the wrong password, it still gives me the same error message, “error opening mailbox.” it will give me that message whether or not the login and pass is correct.
    if this is purely a 1.2 issue i will jump back to an older version.
    thanks 🙂

    I’ve got a LG VX6000 with VERIZON wireless service.
    – I just uploaded the wp_moblog.php file into my WP directory.
    – I created the tmp subdir in my WP directory and CHMOD 766
    – I sent an email with picture, subject, message to my designated email address
    – email blogging through WP standard setup worked.
    I got this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in /home/project/public_html/blog/wp_moblog.php on line 24
    I guess it has something to do with IMAP. But can you clarify this for me? Is there a way to get this to work on my server?

    Any change of a POP3 version?
    Would be awesome 🙂



    Did anyone find out why the sprint version of this hack doesn’t work? I get the same error that Trip got, “error opening mailbox”

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