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  • I am using swipe box to view all my images from a smaller thumbnail. When I want to close the light-box and click the X on the top right on a PC, or Ipad the light box closes and I return to the page. But on a mobile when I click the X it just returns to the previous image that I looked at in the lightbox.
    But I have found that if I press and hold the X then the box closes like the PC does. The problem is that my visitors do not know this. Can the mobile X be set to close like the pc version.

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  • I am still testing but it may be a problem related to using Foogallery

    I have tested it with its own responsive gallery plugin basic grid and its still the same problem.

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    More head scratching and I have isolated the issue.
    I am looking at a gallery then press an image to view in swipebox. When the X is pressed to close the lightbox, very briefly the galley that I was in flashes up and the image in the gallery that is directly in the same position as the X “thinks” it has been pressed to view in the lightbox and so it opens up.
    Depending on how fat your fingers are it is hit and miss as to how many attempts it takes to properly close the window as the underlining gallery image is only half under the X.
    That is why it is ok on a pc or I pad because of the wider dpi there is blank space under the x because the gallery does not go right to the edge.
    So there is the issue in full – now how do I fix it. Mezmerise theme.

    Just another observation is that if I “stab” the x sometimes my finger is off the screen before the underlining gallery has a chance to appear and so it does not click on the underlining image. If there was a 1/2 second delay between clicking the x and the lightbox closing that may help

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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