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  • While I’m familiar with the Blogging aspect and I have used various blogging software, including WP, I have yet to find exactly what I want.

    I’m the Technology Services Director for Sapphire Solutions, Ltd. Our company is getting ready to roll out our latest webpage. The new webpage has a new design, layout and several new features. We want one of those new features to be a blogging area.

    Our company hosts the site in-house. Our server supports all the requirments. We currently have the beginnings of a phpBB web forum already started, which has similar requirements to WP.

    My consern is about function. Right now we have a subdomain for our phpBB forum. We want to do the same thing for our blog site. Probably something like or something close.

    1. We want a specific area of the blog to show up on our home page. How can we do this?

    2. We also want to be able to update all areas of the blog via Cell Phone, OQO, or UMPC. I know that anything that supports email, can be used, but I need to be able to have full control from all three devices of content, display, design and organization. Can this be done and if so, how?

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  • bamajr,

    Firstly, I wouldn’t recommend you use a sub-domain for your blog. I’ll be happy to go into the reasons separately, if you would like.

    1. You can easily parse your own blog’s RSS/Atom feed to display anywhere on your site, such as the home page. If your site runs on PHP, for example, you could use MagpieRSS or Simplepie.

    2. You can access the blog and admin area with any browser. There is no separate mobile version although there is a plugin that provides a mobile-version of the admin interface. This is unlikely to allow you more than adding new posts. To handle more than that you might be looking at a bespoke solution.

    Feel free to call me on 0844 884 5419 and I’ll happily point you in the right direction.


    Why wouldn’t you recommend using a subdomain, Phil? I use subdomains for three different wordpress blogs off my main blog site and it has been working great for me. This provides an easy URL to share with others which I think looks more professional than having people type a subdirectory. Example blogs I have configured with subdomains include Learning Signs, Eyes Right, and Talking Science.

    In response to the question about how to show posts on the blog on your website homepage, you can do this with an RSS to Javascript service. I do this on my personal homepage to show my last five posts. I would be interested to know other ways to do this as well. If you are using a content management system like Drupal you may be able to use a module to insert the recent posts. Try a google search for “RSS widget.” This is an example from Widgetbox.

    Phil, rather than offering to answer this question over the phone it would be more helpful if you answered it in the forum. That way anyone else who is browsing here can also see the answers you suggest.

    In terms of posting to your WordPress blog from a mobile device, WordPress now has an iPhone application which I have used and works well.

    Good luck!


    In your case, sub-domains are a sensible approach because each of the blogs has a different focus. They are essentially different sites. Bamajr is talking about a corporate blog connected to the corporate site. A big consideration for any corporate on line presence is the search-engine friendliness of the site. Search engines tend to treat sub-domains as sites of their own accord. Therefore, benefits of having a blog, such as incoming links, will not benefit the main corporate site (where the marketing material is). It’s purely a commercial consideration.

    I’d also be interested to see any more answers as to how to see posts displayed on the home page. I’m currently trying to get this in place (see my thread: for my site and having trouble. The Rss-to-Javascript service is nice, but not readable to those without Javascript (obviously) which rules it out for me as a serious usability issue.

    Ok, so I’ve been working on this for sometime now. Our new site is up (, but without the blog section we want. Now we plan to spend some time to get this working correctly.

    I understand with the advancement of smart phones, just having internet access to the site where the blog is posted from, is enough to post the blog.

    I’ve also done quite a bit of research about how to get the best exposure for the blog and the corporate page, and “philpeter” has the best suggestion. So, my thought is to utilize a separate directory in the main site such as or etc.

    I’m still unsure about how to get content from the blog to the homepage and how to determine what content shows up and what does not!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello, does anyone even read this forum anymore?

    hey there,
    you can use my free mobile theme to achieve that – download here, it is fully compliant.

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