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  • Currently, here is what I can tell of the situation. This started yesterday with a manual installation of WP. I haave had two WP blogs each in subdomains, and I wiped their folders clean before doing a manual install and reconnecting WP to the SQL.

    Right now, as it stands…

    For PC users (and I have tested with Chrome and Firefox), the website works correctly. Users can go to and the site responds, and when they click on links, it takes them to a URL that follows the correct subdomain structure (i.e. and that works.

    What is still not working correctly is support to mobile users. I have tested this with iOS and android, mostly with Safari (iOS) and Chrome (both).

    Currently, for mobile users, when they go to the website (, the site responds correctly and now displays the WP installed and pulls from the SQL database. But when they click on a link for a WP entry, it’s taking them instead to a URL like this which is nonfunctional and returns a 404 error.

    In the WP Dashboard General Settings, I have it set for the WordPress URL for and the SITE URL for

    On the server, I have an .htaccess in the /blog/ folder that is one that was generated by the WP, and I have one (and a copy of the index.php) that I copied up from the /blog/ to the /public_html folder, as per these instructions.

    The problem I am facing now, for unknown reason, is that something is diverting mobile users from the structure and into an erroneous structure.

    Help? Throw me a bone? I thought it was an .htaccess deal, but I compared it to the old one and it seems the same. I removed and re-did the subdomain, to ensure nothing was caught up in that, too.

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