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  • Hi. After the update, the new responsive themes don’t work well on mobile. I have secondary titles that show up under the main titles in the main menu bar which appear when you hover over them. However, in the mobile format, instead of the subtitle only appearing when hovering the subtitle appears underneath its parent title and when hovering on it, it moves down and covers the next title. I can fix this by replacing the mobile primary menu section in style.css with the old stylesheet from before the update, but this doesn’t work when I am trying to use a child heme and import the main stylesheet from the Oxygen theme.

    Another couple of questions I also had were is it possible to change the text on the menu toggle from ‘Menu’ to something else?

    And is it also possible to make the primary menu unresponsive again in a child theme so it looks the same on mobile as in regular? If I try just deleting the whole responsive section, I get an awkward ‘menu’ printed above my primary menu whether or not I am viewing on mobile or desktop.

    My website is I’m trying to fix it right now, but if I can’t, it should show the issues mentioned.


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    Try asking on the theme’s dedicated forum:
    You may get a faster & more informed response there.

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    @esmi: That link actually leads to an offer for paid support and is something I wouldn’t post here. The forums (here) is the place I provide (free) support for my themes.

    @amanasufi: It appears that something overrides the original theme menu styles – either custom CSS, or CSS added by some plugin. You can try disabling all plugins and see if that restores the original behavior. Here’s the theme demo for comparison:

    I’m having the same issue. Ever since I updated to Version 0.5, my main menu items show up as two big black menu boxes with white text that say Menu. When the top box is clicked, the menu items appear and when the bottom box is clicked they disappear altogether.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    The site:

    Same issue here. Two big black “menu” boxes in the mobile version. Any way to change at least the second one to “categories” or something? 🙂
    On your demosite it’s exactly the same.. hm. Many, many thanks in advance! And reaaaly great theme btw 😀

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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