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  • Resolved Gary_Leland_Matthews


    Loving this plugin! WP jQuery Lightbox is by far my favorite of the many similar utilities I have tried.

    But after updating to 1.4.1, found it necessary to revert to to regain functionality I need for my site — My problems only concern functionality for mobile devices.

    First, on my iPad, swiping gestures work in the wrong direction! That is, if I swipe toward the left, the previous slide appears. (It should be the next slide in sequence.) If I swipe toward the right, then the next slide in sequence appears, when it should be the previous slide. I don’t know whether this is an iPad peculiarity, or a configuration issue on my part — but it appears that the plugin is reversing the swipe-gesture directions.

    The other problem is that with 1.4.1, I’ve lost the ability to pinch and zoom. For my purposes, that feature is far, far more important on tablets and phones than swiping. Swiping is nice, but I was perfectly content with tapping the edge or using the arrow keys. On a desktop, zooming isn’t that important. But on a tablet — especially seven inches or smaller — it’s critical since there is text to read that may otherwise be too small.

    If there is a workaround or a soon-to-be update that will address these concerns, please let me know! If you need more information, I will be happy to provide it. I still love this plugin, but for the moment am stranded on, and eager to move up.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    I believe zooming still works on all my devices. I’ll double check and make sure.

    Same thing with the direction. Thanks for reporting.

    Thanks, Ulf. I’ve set up a test site at to investigate.

    To date, I’ve tested version 1.4.1 with several WP themes — Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven, Atahualpa, Graphene, Suffusion, and Weaver II. Using each of these, I’ve tried it on my iPad 2 (16 gig), my iPhone 4S (64 gig), and my wife’s Nexus 7 (Android 7-inch tablet).

    In all combination I’ve tried, same results: (1) no pinch-zooming, and (2) wrong swipe direction. (Left-swipe brings up left/previous image, and vice versa.)

    Twenty Twelve and Weaver II are “responsive” themes that sense and adapt to small-screen mobiles (like the iPhone — they don’t rearrange for the iPad). At first I wondered whether this might cause a conflict. But as noted, it also happens with themes like Graphene, which isn’t natively responsive. (It has a mobile version which I’m not using.) And all these themes, responsive or not, work as expected with version

    I’ve checked my Javascript console (per your troubleshooting instructions) and found no errors. Also tested the touch-swipe utility link listed in your credits. It works fine: allows zooming, correct swipe direction.

    Since the plugin works correctly on all your devices, I’m open to the idea that it’s peculiar to my system. Maybe a web-hosting configuration issue. (But then why does work for me when 1.4.1 does not?) I’ll keep experimenting. Thanks again for all you do!

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Fixed the directions in 1.4.5.

    Pinch-zoom is only disabled on the surface of the image – you can test this on the original demonstration page too.

    Thanks for reporting!

    Ulf, thanks and thanks again for correcting the mobile-device swipe-direction anomaly.

    Still loving your plug-in, above and beyond the jetpacks and other aspiring lightbox-type utilities I’ve tried. But still find myself forced to stay with your excellent version Because that older version allows pinch-zooming, and 1.4.5 does not. And as noted in my earlier report, I need the pinch-zoom feature.

    You’re of course right when you say pinch-zoom “is only disabled on the surface of the image”. Not sure I follow your reasoning, since “the surface of the image” is the only place anyone would need to pinch-and-zoom. The whole point of zooming in is to see more detail. For example, to read text that is otherwise too small.

    Not sure how it helps to zoom an image’s grayed-out background, since this only forces most of the image off the screen. It’s then impossible to drag it back into its proper spot. Your previous version of the plugin allowed mobile pinch-zooming of the image itself — not just the background. I understand tradeoffs. Maybe this feature had to be traded off for the swiping or something? But if there is any way to restore it in 1.4.6 or later, I’m eager to move up!

    Be that as it may — thanks again for all you do!

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Yeah, I understand the problem. What I meant to say was: pinch-zoom is disabled on the image, because this is where the script detect swipe motions. It’s a limitation with the original swipe script too, so not a bug introduced with this plugin.

    Ergo: zooming is not disabled, it’s just unexpectedly difficult to perform. 🙂

    A solution would be perhaps to add a setting to disable the swipe-feature?

    I’m surprised to hear though, that anyone zooms when using the lightbox. When I zoom on my devices (non-apples) the *box behaves strange and move out of view. Not so for you?

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