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  • I’m asking this mostly out of curiosity really.
    Those of you who use your mobile phones to publish to your blogs (or even those of you who don’t, I suppose), which phone do you own? Would you recommend it?
    I’m currently looking to buy a new mobile phone, and I’m searching for the phone that is right for me really. I’m currently split between the Sharp GX20 and the Sony Ericsson T610.
    So yeah, what phone do you use? 🙂

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  • I use a Sanyo 8100 all the time (and so does my girlfriend) and I rewrote the code to support the XML format that the 8100 puts out so we could moblog (with pictures) directly from our phones. I also re-wrote some java code to support a blog client for the phone and scripts to upload ringtones and applications. (but thats inconsequential)
    The picture quality suck unless you are in really bright sunlight in our phones. You can look at for examples. It is a fast phone, with very occassional network troubles, good talk time and really small footprint. I did a lot of research before getting this phone. For me, the price and the network really mattered (and of course accessibility to the source code).
    What network (provider) will you be using? That will have a big impact on your choice. SprintPCS customer service is terrible. If you can deal with that, Sprint has good service.

    i had rather not answer this question. wap/grps in india is in a nascent stage. i feel ok with a cheap nokia 2100.

    Ericsson R520 currently has the best price to features ratio on the market for GSM phones – GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP, the works, costing about two times less than an equivalent but more modern phone. (you can get one for about $70 here) It is kinda dated, though, which is why I’m planning to replace it soon, but so far I still couldn’t find anything that would have both GPRS, Bluetooth and a halfdecent camera (I can’t call anything under 640×480 halfdecent when my dated IXUS v camera does 1600×1200) and wouldn’t cost as much as a Windows CE smartphone.

    I use the Audiovox CDM8900 by Verizon. It’s photolog is located

    Happy user of a nokia 7650. Currently think about switching to a motorola a835 with 3, this umts-thingy is quite tempting. But first i’ll wait what 3gsm cannes will bring this week…

    Well, I’ve got a Sony Ericsson T616 (just another version of the T610, really), and I’ve been pretty happy with it. The camera’s sub-par like most phone cameras, but that’s why I’ve got my Casio Exlim Z3, which is the size of an Altoids tin, roughly 🙂
    RF performance is decent, although I tend to lose a GSM1900 signal rather easily indoors, especially in buildings with foil barrier insulation. 800/900 signals tend to penetrate better.
    The one gripe I have is that you have to have a little adapter to use a conventional headset, as SE doesn’t use the standard 3/32″ jack. Bluetooth does work pretty well with it, too, so you don’t have to go hard-wired.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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