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  • Hi all,
    I just have a quick question. I am using the mobile pack plugin and it works great, but I just have a small problem. When viewing my page on the desktop browsers, I get a small white box that goes all across the screen from left to right, at the very bottom of the page. When using Firebug, it looks like it is an added paragraph tag with a link in it that says “visit mobile site” or something similar to that. If I remember correctly, I checked the option in the admin panel, to have a link at the bottom for users to go to the desktop version(when on a mobile phone), but I don’t remember having an option for desktop users to link to the mobile version. EDIT: Ok so I went back to the admin panel and I see this: “Places a link in the theme footer to allow users to override the detection. You can also enable the widget that contains this link. Both the footer link and the widget will only appear when a switcher mode is enabled. Regardless of this setting, the switcher link will always appear on the mobile admin pages.” I’ve unchecked this option just to see what would happen, and the bar is still at the bottom. In all browsers. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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  • Adrian Wong


    You may just make some changes to you stylesheet or header by adding the visibility:hidden; or display:none; for your style sheet media “screen”.

    Otherwise see what you’re able to change from the plugin editor.

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